1. The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC)

He was the chief judge and the problem setter coordinator for AlKhawarizmi - Programming Contest - ACM ICPC Malaysia National level 2010-2014 (5 years) and as for Asia regional contest, he was the chief judge and the problem setter coordinator in 2014 in Kuala Lumpur site. He was a judge in ACM-ICPC Asia - regional competition in Kuala Lumpur (IIUM) and as honorary judge in Jakarta (Binus University) site for several years.

He was also the Associate Director for ACM-ICPC - Asia - Kuala Lumpur (Jan 2010-May 2013). His team participate in ACM ICPC World Final (WF) 2012, in Warsaw, Poland. He also attended the ACM ICPC WF 2010 in Harbin (China).

The following are the ACM-ICPC Alkhawarizmi (2010-2014) problem-sets:


He is the chair for the development of RSKKNI - Mobile Computing, KKNI Scheme of Mobile Computing and Information Security of KemKominfo and Kemenaker. He also the coordinator for the updating of KKNI APTIKOM. The files (on-progress docs) can be downloaded from the following links:
  1. RSKKNI Mobile Computing
  2. KKNI Scheme of Mobile Computing
  3. KKNI Scheme of Information Security
  5. Mandalawangi Fund
  6. Bahasa-Nusantara Online Dictionary
  7. Sample of PhD Proposal - 2002

3. Software Collections (old)

This is a restricted access area. Unauthorized access is illegal.

File Area

  1. lightning-0.9-tb-win.xpi
  2. winvnc.zip
  3. winsockxpfix
  4. explore2fs-1.07.zip
  5. dorgem210.exe
  6. gs863w32.exe
  7. Microsoft dotNet Framework2.0.exe
  8. gimp-2.6.4-i686-setup.exe
  9. xampp-win32-1.7.0-installer.exe
  10. ministumblerinstaller_0_4_0.exe
  11. netstumblerinstaller_0_4_0.exe
  12. wirelessmon.exe
  13. LaunchySetup212.exe
  14. Everything-
  15. vlc-1.0.1-win32.exe
  16. R196560BTdriverDellE6400ForXP.exe
  17. activesynch45.msi
  18. D3DX9_41.dll


  1. 7zip_Installer.exe
  2. FileFormatConverters.exe
  3. avg_free_stf_en_8_173a1373.exe
  4. AdobeAcrobatReader9.exe
  5. DirectX_9c.exe
  6. Firefox Setup 3.0.1.exe
  7. Firefox Setup 3.5.3.exe
  8. FileZilla 3.0.1
  9. FlashPlayer10.exe
  10. SSHSecureShellClient-3.2.9.exe
  11. Thunderbird Setup
  12. ThunderbirdAustralianEnglishDictionary.xpi
  13. jre-6-windows-i586.exe
  14. jdk-6u11-windows-i586-p.exe
  15. drjava-stable-20080904-r4668.exe
  16. winzip81.exe
  17. ConTEXTv0_985.exe
  18. PDFCreator-0_9_1_AFPLGhostscript_32bit.msi